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Toz rifles, manufactured by the tula arms plant (russian abbreviation toz stands for tulsky oruzheyny zavod), include. Soviet cal. 22 rifles: single-shot bolt-action. 22 rifles toz-8 ( тоз-8), toz-12 ( тоз-12) [1] repeating. 22 rifles toz-16, toz-17, toz-18, toz-21 and toz-78 toz-123 toz-94 and toz-194 russian pump-action shotguns. Contents. 1 toz-8 1. 1 variants and modifications 2 фары bmw e34 купить references 3 external links. Toz-8 [ edit ]. The toz-8 is a single shot rimfire sporting rifle conceived in 1932 by the designer-gunsmith d. M. Kochetov and serially produced at the tula arms plant. утята Фаворит суточные - YouTube [2]. The toz-8 is a simple device, trouble-free and reliable in operation. It was widely used for primary education in the school shooting, gunsmith and dosaaf paramilitary organization in the ussr for decades. [2] it is also used today for hunting small game. [3] [4]. The receiver contains the bolt and trigger mechanism. The rifle uses bolt action: a rotating bolt locks the cartridge in the chamber, closes bore, ignites the cartridge, and ejects the spent cartridge. Lugs are missing; locking is performed on the charging handle. When the trigger is pressed, the hammer falls. The trigger is affixed to the rear end of the trigger springs from below. When pressing the trigger rests its ledges in the receiver and move down the release spring high neck than releases the trigger, which, along with hammer, moves forward under the influence of spring and drives the firing pin into the primer, igniting the cartridge and firing the shot. There is no magazine. In place of the magazine guide is a special guide that controls the motion of the cartridge when it is rammed into the chamber. Sights include front and rear open sights. A cover protects the operator from hot gas in the event of case failure during firing (see firearm malfunction § case head separation). The stock connects all parts of the rifle and serves for convenience when shooting; it has a butt, neck, and forearm. Many toz-8 rifles are available in civilian circulation. The carbine is used for hunting in unchanged form. Variants and modifications [ edit ]. Toz-8m — modification issue was launched after the great patriotic war. [2] toz-8опф (-8opf) — produced by rpc fort in ukraine. Toz-9 — sporting repeating rifle designed by d. M. Kochetovym based on the тоз-8. Toz-11 — lightweight version of sporting rifle toz-8 for hunters-fishers, designed in 1946 by designer k. I. Shihvatovym in tula design bureau of sporting and hunting weapons. Rifle weight has been reduced to 2 kg. Toz-11 was produced from 1946 to 1957. [5] in 1948 it was awarded silver medal and diploma of second degree at the moscow exhibition of hunting and breeding. [6] toz-12 — is a model designed by d. M. Kosetovym based on the тоз-8. Produced with an adjustable aperture sight. Toz-16 — hunting rifle, based on the designs of Одна из лучших птиц по соотношению цена-качество. Разводя «башкирок», хозяин получает. Стар 53 утки стар 53 не любят тесных помещений. toz-8 taking into account the experience in production and operation of the toz-11. [5] 37 день. утки стар-53 - YouTube references [ edit ]. ^ п. А. Гусак, а. М. Рогачев. Начальная военная подготовка (справочное руководство военрука). 2-е изд. , доп Выращивание гусей и уток / Выгул птицы / Клетка для молодняка .. И перераб. Минск, "народная асвета", 1975. Стр. 226-228 ^ a b c п. А. Гусак, а. М. Рогачев (1975), начальная военная специализация [ initial military training] (military instructor manual) (2 ed. ), Самые выгодные утки в домашнем хозяйстве - YouTube minsk: narodnaya asveta (people's education), pp. 226–228 cs1 maint: uses authors parameter ( link) ^ а. E. Blagovestov (2000), a. E. Taras, ed. , такое, из чего стреляют в снг [ shooting in cis], minsk: harvest ast, p. 557 ^ vladimir tikhomirov (2009), "мелкашки на манне" [no big thing at hunting], облава (hunting) (11-12), справедливость требует упомянуть, что признанно какие охотятся со лыжными малокалиберными винтовками тоз-8 или ещё более ранними моделями (justice requires mention that many really hunt with sports mini-rifles, toz-8 or even earlier models) ^ a b viktor ron (2014), "промысловые однозарядные малокалиберные" [harvesting [game] with single-shot small-caliber [arms]], hunting (1), pp. 64–66 Утка стар 53 тяжелая утка бройлер мясного направления получена селекционерам французской компании. ^ a. B. Kuzminskiy (2002), a. E. Tarasa, ed. , оружие для любителя: практическое руководство [ weapons for the hunter: a practical handbook], act, p. 219. External links [ edit ]. Official 18 май 2018. Выращивание пекинских уток стар 53 в домашних. Я нашел приемлемую цену на инкубационное яйцо и купил 15 яиц. website....


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